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Ugh, that sounds so fake.


Ugh, I'm not that perky.

Hey. OK, that's better. It's more me.

Hey. I'm Pam, and I'm a public librarian who loves making lists, Monty Python, Brillat-Savarin cheese, horseback riding, and Star Wars. Any or all of these things may make an appearance in my book reviews. If you go back in time to the beginning of this blog, I mostly reviewed YA books. This was fitting, as I was the teen librarian for my library at that time.

Now I have a new job, and I help everyone at my new library, and I don't feel pressured to read books aimed at one specific age group. So I bounce all over the place. I still love YA, but sometimes I just need to immerse myself in a Zola novel or a silly kaiju thriller.

I'm very honest with my reviews, and sometimes I might sound harsh. Let me make this very, very clear: I am not criticizing the author.  In fact, the author has done something pretty amazing: they've been published!  Hooray!  Props to them, really!  I mean, I haven't done that.  I understand that a book is kind of an author's baby (or whatever metaphor you'd like to use for that relationship) and that, understandably, authors are protective of what they've created.  However, I, as a reader, have a right to dislike something and to air my thoughts.  As a human being, I have a right to an opinion.  It might not be popular, but it's mine.

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