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My name is Pamela Penza, and I'm a librarian, a book fanatic, a snark machine, and a lover of cheese.

My main focus is young adult (YA) literature.  Strangely enough, when I was a teen, I didn't read teen books.  I thought they were too juvenile.  So, there I was, up to my ears in Dickens and Brontë (all three of the ladies, actually), Austen and Orwell, Gaskell and Fielding.  I hit college and discovered hard sci-fi.  Revelation Space saved me from going crazy on my daily commute to college.  I took the bus, so don't worry that I was reading and driving!  Imperceptibly, I drifted back into YA.

After gorging myself on everything I could find, I realized, "Hey, not all of this is good.  In fact, I'm reading a lot of it out of guilt and not because I am truly enjoying it."  So I got boot-camp-level-strict with myself.  No guilt about DNFs (did not finish).  Speak what I think.  Look at the book, not the author or publisher.

However, I love discussion, and I encourage comments on my reviews to foster intellectual discussion.  By which I mean, "U R DUMB WAT" type comments are not welcome.  Bye bye!

Sometimes I can sound pretty harsh.  Let me make this very, very clear: I am not criticizing the author.  In fact, the author has done something pretty amazing: they've been published!  Hooray!  Props to them, really!  I mean, I haven't done that.  I understand that a book is kind of an author's baby (or whatever metaphor you'd like to use for that relationship) and that, understandably, authors are protective of what they've created.  However, I, as a reader, have a right to dislike something and to air my thoughts.  As a human being, I have a right to an opinion.  It might not be popular, but it's mine.

Now that that bit of stern library-talk is over, let's go read!

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