Who is ALAAC for, anyway? A Storify

I like Storify, so I popped my recent 11:40PM thread about ARC theft and one librarian's frustration with the cost of professional development.

Some people liked it, I guess.


  1. Spot-on thread. I think you've completely hit the nail on the head with the problem with everything that's going on. Thank you for being a sane person amidst it all! And thanks for being a fantastic librarian!

  2. Goodness, who would have thought all this was going on in the library profession? In the U.S., anyway, because we don't have anything like it here. Small population, I guess, which is why most writers have to have day jobs. (And they want to take away what little we have because of something called "fair use" which doesn't mean what it does here, ie you can put up a book cover on your blog, or you can photocopy a single chapter of a book for educational use. )

    1. Is the government still going on about that? Oh, dear.

    2. Oh, yes! And you'd be surprised how much support it - and the parallel imports thing - gets from people who think that they are ENTITLED to cheaper books and that writers have a nerve wanting to keep copyright for their children, because of course, it's not at all like physical property, and who would be angry if someone said to them that they can't will ther homes to their children because they have owned them long enough, thank you, time to make them public domain, for anyone to move into....

      As for the price of books, they are expensive because a previous conservative government slapped a goods and services tax on them, when books had previously not had a tax on them, not because greedy authors and publishers are overcharging. Of course the "greedy publisher" thing is also used as an excuse to download books, films and music illegally.


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