A Very Short Review of Kill All Happies

1) The third sentence in the book is "Hey, dumbslut."
2) The second chapter is called "Warpath of Suck"
3) I can't imagine any high schoolers calling a teacher "Miss Ann Thrope"

If you aren't convinced, please see points 1 and 2 and reread until you get it. Girl-on-girl hate (even if it's in the guise of a teehee text from a big sister) is not acceptable. Don't talk about "the warpath," ever. It's not a thing. It invokes the popular image of Native people as bloodthirsty and war-loving. Do not do this. See also: "low man on the totem pole" and sitting "Indian style."

I received an ARC of this title from Netgalley. Grr.


  1. Are problematic books multiplying lately, or it's simply that more and more reviewers are aware of their issues?
    Or, I guess, it's just that more and more writers are jumping on the diverse-books bandwagon but are ill-equipped to deal with it.
    As usual, I love your style :D.

    1. It's probably a mixture of both. I know that even a few years ago, I wouldn't have noticed some of this stuff.

  2. Oh, dear! You hate this one! You haven't even told us what it's about.

    1. It's about an EPIC PARTY at the end of senior year and SHENANIGANS WITH BOOZE and trying to evade the awkwardly-named antagonist Miss Ann Thrope


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