Where are these magical "sick days" where you can watch all the Netflix and read all the things?

Honestly.  I really want to know.

Since I have an autoimmune disease, I get sick a lot.  Well, more than most people.  It's not like I'm Pigpen and go rolling around in germs, but more like germs love me and want to snuggle with me.

Yesterday, I was slammed with a virus.  I mean, oof.  I tend to use the French word assommé(e) in my mind, because that's what happens to cows at processing plants.  It's when they fall as they're being slaughtered.  Another delightful definition is "being poleaxed."

Okay, yes, slight exaggeration, but when you feel like you're dying, nothing seems impossible or ridiculous.

But what I want to know is where all these cultural images of "catching up on your reading" or "catching up on your Netflix" while sick came from.  Have these people never actually been sick?

I'm looking at my bullet journal to see all the things I was supposed to do yesterday (write like three reviews was part of it), but I was too busy a) sleeping or b) wishing I were dead because honestly, why would I want to live like that?  HA HA HA!  I got nothing done.  I contemplated watching some more Stranger Things but that would mean sort of sitting up in bed and paying attention and that wasn't gonna fly.

So.  Today I am not dying.  I hope to complete at least one review and finish this silly Lincoln Child thriller about enigmologists or whatever word he's come up with (basically, it's a much less rage-inducing version of Robert Langdon).  But seriously: when people are sick, it's not like a magical day of productivity.

Depending on your definition of productivity.

Sorry, we just overshare in my family.  I'll show myself out.


  1. Yes to everything in this post. I hate when I see (or hear) all the 'well at least you can sit in bed and catch up on reading/watching shows/etc. today!' Really? I tend to be even less productive when I'm sick than when I'm just distracted by life around me while healthy. Being sick makes it so hard to focus on anything or even feel the motivation to do anything, so I totally feel you.
    Also, sorry to hear you're sick! :( I hope you continue feeling better soon!

    1. Right??!! Who are these magical people who binge watch shows and ACTUALLY RETAIN what they've seen while sick? That is a superpower, to me.

      Thank you! I feel a lot better today but I just completely overdid it (as usual) so nap time! Writing this comment is probably the most productive thing I'll do this afternoon. :D

  2. Groan... I've had flu several times. Real flu. Reading? Writing? Forget it! The first two days I simply slept. And then I just lay in bed, unable to focus. When I had painful sinuses, I couldn't read at all - too painful! The only time I ever was able to watch DVDs was when I had a sprained ankle. I got through the whole of Pride And Prejudice(the Colin Firth version with the wet shirt)in between hobbling to the kitchen to warm up the food my sister kindly left with me. The people who say, "Well, at least you can catch up on your watching and reading," are fantasising. They haven't a clue.

    1. This was stomach flu (which I know is not *real* flu but is easier to say than gastroenteritis), but I feel you on the actual-influenza-flu too. I don't remember much of that February...
      When you feel awful, you're too busy ... feeling awful to be productive. !!!


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