It's a good thing to have minor obsessions that aren't books, especially when books are a huge part of your job (cue the thing where I do my speech about how libraries are more than books, etc).

Recently, I was on vacation, and on my afternoons recuperating from climbing up mountains (ow!), I started playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.  I.  Am.  Obsessed.  I mean, I already love Star Wars to death, and now a turn-based game like D&D but with Star Wars characters to collect and level up?  Uh, hello?  Yes, please, and thank you.  If anyone wants to send me an ally request, my ally code is:

423-682-456.  I'm PN 820.

Then the whole Pokémon GO! thing happened.  I wasn't really into Pokémon when they first hit the states (I was in elementary school, I think), but it is definitely a part of my childhood.  What I like most about the game is how libraries are really highlighted as gyms and Pokéstops.  There are so many kids, teens, and adults wandering through the library now, looking for Pokémon.  And don't tell me they don't read--all of our Pokémon books are checked out.  All of them.  I have nothing for a display.  I think it's super-cool that people my age are out and about and talking to each other about a mutual interest.  Plus, I figure the government is already spying on us so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ whatever.

Oh, sorry, I was busy completing a challenge on Galaxy of Heroes.  I am also currently obsessed with goat cheese and jam on toast, Chrissy Teigan's cookbook Cravings, and my Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking-Glass palette.

And Star Wars.  Always.

Fine, wrong fandom.  I know.  But it goes!


  1. Enjoy your online games! When I was in my twenties, I was playing D and D with other people. It was a fun way to spend a weekend in company, sending out for pizza and being a Thief or Magic User or whatever all night... Somehow I just don't think I'd get the same out of playing on line. Sorry!

    1. I know I could learn D&D and other tabletop RPGs, but it seems really daunting! I don't know if my brain could handle it. :) I wouldn't usually go for this, but Star Wars trumps everything for me.


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