Limbo, Vol. 1

Take one part Tron, one part original MTV, and one part electric bugaloo acid trip, and you've got Limbo.  Amazingly, this seemingly disparate and easily derailed combination of styles and ideas actually worked for me.  It's not every day that I find myself saying, "Wow!" in a good way about a comic where people get sucked into television sets and tormented by drug kingpins and assisted by roommates with green skin who are into voodoo.

This story succeeds where many other quasi-pushing-the-envelope-but-not-really comics fails because it commits to its weirdness.  It owns the fact that the story is totally bizarre and yeah, a little silly, but it's the story, so deal with it.  Limbo definitely isn't everyone's cup of tea, and I predict readers will either love it or hate it.

Limbo is a twist on the classic gumshoe noir: a man attempts to solve a mystery while battling his own demons.  There's a femme fatale, a mob boss, a resourceful partner, and a murky past.  But!  There's also a teleshaman, who is basically Big Brother incarnate and lives in the television!  There's the appeasement of gods by making really radical mixtapes!  There's neon and funky hair and deliciously 80s outfits.  There are jokes about VHS and Beta!  There's Dagon the fish-god and his fishpeople worshippers!  Wait, that's not retro ... but it certainly is weird.

For the Walkman-loving, neon raver detective in you!

I received an ARC of this title from NetGalley.


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