Mini-Review: Raven: The Pirate Princess Vol. 1

Between Rat Queens, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, and Princeless, I could read no other comics and be completely satisfied.  Mostly satisfied.  As satisfied as someone with an insatiable appetite for books and OOH LOOK NEW SHINY can be.

Raven: The Pirate Princess is a spin-off of Princeless.  Set in the same universe as Adrienne and Sparky's questing, Raven is the daughter of the Pirate King.  In her family, bird names are quite popular, and women have always inherited the swashbuckling title of Pirate Queen.  Except, when her father was the only one available, he held it in waiting for his daughter, Raven.  Then, Raven's brothers went all sexist and convinced dear ol' dad that Raven, being a girl, could never command a fleet on her own.  The only things princesses are good for are being locked up in towers to be rescued by blandly handsome princes with rather uninspired names!  Betrayed by her father and family, Raven finds herself getting the Rapunzel Treatment when Adrienne comes along--that's all documented in the Princeless arc.

But now, Raven is on her own, in possession of one of her ships (which, okay, she stole, but whatever.  They're hers anyway!), and without a crew.  I am no sailor, but I know that it is impossible to sail a ship without a crew.  It is also equally difficult to be a one-lady pillaging machine.  The thing is, Raven doesn't have any money.  Well, she's got maybe five coins to her name and the clothes on her back.

When trying to pay it forward to a penniless immigrant, Raven finds herself robbed instead.  The ensuing chase is delightful (pay attention to the boys playing in their house) and involves a character running up a wall.  Yesssssss.  Eventually, things get sorted out, and Raven starts to hold pirate interviews in her friend Cookie's tavern.

Things don't go very well.  All of the dudes in there are sexist pigs.  Raven can't believe what they're telling her.  There's a completely brilliant #notallmen panel that startled me into laughter.  Seriously, any comic lampooning men crying "misandry" has my vote 100%.

Raven quickly finds out that an all-girl pirate crew is way more awesome and way less disgusting than an all-dude pirate crew.  She gets a bunch of recruits from an all-ladies D&D-type gaming club, which is ridiculously awesome.  

In fact, "ridiculously awesome" describes this comic wonderfully.  Do yourself a favor and read it now.  And then give it to everyone else you know, but especially kids who need to see new faces and new ideas in comics.  


  1. Sounds like fun! You have this in your library?

    1. Yep. It's from a rather small comics imprint called Action Lab but it is available through our vendor. Yay!!!


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