Mini-Review: The Fade Out, Vol. 2

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips do comic noir like nobody's business.  Actually, no one else should get in that business, because they've got it locked up tight, and there might be some sort of comics hit squad out to eliminate the competition, real quiet-like.

Brubaker's become one of my automatic absolutely-yes-I-will-read-this authors, and although The Fade Out isn't my favorite of his series (that would have to be Fatale), it's still a ridiculously good time.  With murder, blacklisting, cheating, backstabbing, and Desi Arnaz (no, really!).

We continue to follow the saga of the Film That Never Stops Filming as the fake screenwriter, fronting for his friend, a blacklisted screenwriter, falls in love with the new leading lady.  Meanwhile, the blacklisted screenwriter casts himself as the detective in a murder mystery and decides not to do any actual writing.  But in McCarthy-era America and a Hollywood built around lies and publicity (wait, that was always Hollywood), unmasking a murderer isn't as easy or safe as it sounds.

Perfectly seamy, with wonderfully flawed characters, this is a must-read for lovers of noir-anything.


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