C2E2 Recap

Warning: this post is full of geeky glee and wonky pictures.  I'm not a makeup or fashion blogger, so things can get a bit blurry.  I don't have a fauncy camerah or anything, just my old, vampiric battery sucking phone.

C2E2 is one of my very favorite events of the year.  My favorite favorite is probably the Wisconsin State Fair (#FRYALLTHETHINGS and #BEERALLTHETHINGS), but C2E2 is a close second.  Somehow, it feels less intimidating than any of the BIG CONS, which, to be frank, I've not attended but I do want to go to Chicago Comic-Con (Wizard World) this year, too.  Even though it's in Chicago, I never feel overwhelmed.  Then again, I am a very bizarre introvert who likes crowds because I become invisible and I can people-watch from the anonymity of being just another face.

I do wish that C2E2 would get more big name guests (at least, big-name guests for me, meaning authors), but they do get a great selection of comic book creators and artists in Artist's Alley every year.  This year, the entertainment guests skewed very heavily to the small screen, mostly repping Agients of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Supergirl.  Random wrestlers often show up at these events, but as I only order the wrestling books, I generally have no idea who they are.  They are generally VERY PATRIOTICALLY DRESSED though, which seems to be a requirement for being a retired wrestler.

So here's a bunch of pictures with me rambling along.  I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked to on Saturday due to my phone battery of doom, but I got some of my favorites.

My little brother came with me for Friday and Saturday.  Friday was just a goof-off in Chicago day.  The hotel manager comped me a $500/night suite because they didn't have a double room.  No complaints.  Very snazzy jazzy hotel.  Here we are being goofy in the snazzy elevator:

Yeah, Watertower Place is touristy, but we were playing tourist that day.  The LEGO store there was so tempting, and this stormtrooper was right at the entrance!  

We made it!  Hooray! 

This was historically-accurate Belle.  She said she had, I think, seventeen layers of clothing on?  And she sewed that whole dang thing.  I tremble when I have to sew on a button, and it ends up being attached by a knotty mass of thread.  

R2-D2 is always one of my favorites.  My brother got a picture of me a few years ago adding the stolen plans to his front data storage.  

Look at the friendly Mandalorians!  Hello, Mandalorians!

More LEGO awesomeness.  I cannot imagine how long that must have taken.  I bow down before the superior intellect ... dangit, wrong series! 

Just: !!!

I love looking at the details of people's cosplays--the really intricate ones--but the clever ones are often my most favorite.  Like that guy who was Sharknado a few years ago, or this chap as the Infinity Gauntlet.  At least he was squishy, so maneuvering wasn't hazardous.

Deadpool and Hawkgirl.  As you do.  There's some cross-universal funkiness going on here, but I don't care.  

IT'S A STAR WARS PARTY UP IN HERE!  I have no idea what that shocktrooper is doing, and Obi-Wan seems really over this photoshoot.  

 My favorite part of this next picture is not the Gamorrean's sign, which is exceedingly cute, but the randomness of the T-Rex in the background, and how nobody cares.

Although I don't think they had chickens on Tatooine (then again, no one said they didn't), but I understand his frustration.  Why feed hapless guards to the rancor when you've got womp rats all over the place?  Alas, "EAT MOR WAMP RATZ" isn't as funny and doesn't fit on the sign.

I love all of this.

Okay, so he said he was a Thanagarian Nightwing, which is a funky mashup, but also very cool.  His wings were all hand-feathered which was gorgeous and amazing and it made me slightly nervous to walk past.

Okay, you can be mad at me for ruining your sleep tonight with this PuppyMonkeyBaby.  Hey, if I had to see it, you have to see it.

I like the cleverness of this one as well!

A freaking amazing Aurra Sing.

A lady asked Queen Amidala if the costume was hard to wear.  She replied "Only when I stand."  

"Shut your eyes, Marian!"  Okay, so I should probably be dead for looking at the Ark, but is this real life?  Or is this fantasy?  The best part of this whole exchange was Todt (he's carrying the Ark behind) saying, "Oh, no.  We have to take this up escalators?"  Spoiler: they made it to the show floor.

This was a dad and his kids on Family Day, which is Sunday.  It was both bizarre and adorable when he was telling them how this was going to go down without his voice changer on.

Superman in Jelly Bellys is a lot less creepy than Steven Tyler in Skittles.  Just saying.  Also: mad skills.

Oh HAI original Iron Man armor and props!

And hello to me and my brother's favorite Star Wars EU/Legacy author, Kevin J. Anderson.  This was the day my brother wasn't there, so we took a picture so I could rub it in.  Hey, it was KJA's idea!  


  1. Sounds like you had a ball! This looks to me like a much larger version of a similar annual event here, Armageddon. You never know who you're going to get as a GoH - we've had some very big names and some I've never heard of, but enjoyed anyway. And then there was Peter David, whom I knew as the author of some great novels, who had been invited because he's now writing graphíc novels. Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred of Dr Who fame had to compete with the noise of a wrestling match nearby! The picture you have above of the young lady with the beautiful costume reminds me of a schoolgirl who had made a detailed, elaborate costume based on Pirates Of The Caribbean. It had taken her six months! She was with a boy dressed as Jack Sparrow; I'm guessing she made his costume too. I suggested she check out the Melbourne Costumer's Guild.

    1. How amusing it must be to say, "Oh, my plans for the weekend are Armageddon!" C2E2 doesn't usually have GoH as such, but there are generally some big names there.

      Oh, I would have loved to have seen that PotC costume! People are so dedicated. Every time I go I get the itch to learn how to sew but that would require a machine. I suppose I could use my mom's, but ... busy!

    2. I've never learned to use a machine. I make my costumes by hand. Not anything like that PoTc one, but a basic hall costume, yes, and I can embroider and add sparkly stuff as well. It takes longer than machine, but it can be done.
      There's not usually one GoH, but a variety of them and admission is not expensive. I'm guessing the organisers get most of their money from the stalls. We've had Claudia Christian of Babylon 5 and the actor who played Jamie in DW, who had these beautiful blue eyes and, with a smile and a hand on my shoulder, got me to buy a photo of him to get signed! I was such a teenager! We've had Peter Woodward(son of Edward, who was in Crusade)and a jobbing actor who has played a lot of non speaking roles including in a scary episode of Buffy and who said that he played a dead body in another movie because he could be relied on to follow instructions and it was cheaper than making a fibreglass body!


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