I don't think that's a word exactly, but thanks to the glorious German language, I'm pretty sure I can make it a word.  I didn't take three years of German for nothing.  Well, I still can't do dative case, but a good friend and I did translate Sciescka and Smith's The Sinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales into German for Germanfest.  We won first place, a prize of which I am inordinantly proud.

Lauf, lauf, lauf, so schnell wie du kannst!  Du kannst mich nich nehmen!  Ich bin der Stinkendekäsemann!

The pinnacle of my writing career!

But really.  Lately I've been reading, and too often when I finish a book, I feel very little.  I'm neither angry nor sad nor joyous.  I feel empty.  Books should fill a void in your soul.  Lately, I've been experiencing the opposite: I invest my time and interest in a book and receive nothing in return.  It is the most epic of gallic shrugs, but bookishly done.

Perhaps I'm just burned out.  Perhaps I should take a break from blogging and reviewing; it's healthy and normal.  I honestly don't know.  So if you see less of me, it's that I'm trying to cure that bookish world-weariness that's been dragging me down.


  1. Well, you're going to read anyway, as part of your job. Why not ask some of your regular young clients to recommend something they have enjoyed? Check out some classics? Even look at blogs you 're following and see what other people like? Maybe find an author you did like and ask for an interview. Just some suggestions.

    1. :) I should ask them for recs. Usually they ask me, so I think it will be a nice surprise. I actually just finished an AMAZING book last night and my heart is growing again, so maybe it was just one of those moody Russian phases I go through (having grandparents from many different countries means I can cherry pick whose temperament I can blame).

      I am so nervous about asking authors for interviews. I did interview Mindy McGinnis for Teen Services Underground and that was a blast, so maybe I should try it. Have you read her books? So fascinating. If you didn't know how to field dress a deer, you will when you're done!

    2. No, haven't read her books, must look her up. Thanks for the recommendation. Trust me, most YA and children's authors are happy to get the promo of an interview! It depends, of course. I tell my students that they can forget about an interview with J.K Rowling - or, for that matter, quite a few big name US authors - sorry! But many others, yes. And if they're active on Twitter or even Goodreads - active, not "Oh, God, my agent/publicist/publisher wanted me to get a profile!" - all you really have to do is ask.

      Email me some time about this. I've done it many times, both myself and on behalf of the teens with whom I work. I'll be happy to make a few suggestions. I'm currently preparing zone questions for Anna Ciddor about her new novel, which I've just reviewed.

  2. Sorry, that's some questions, not zone questions!


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