What I'm Reading Wednesday

I'm so backed up on books it's ridiculous.  Life has been really giving me a beating lately and I haven't even felt like reading.  Yikes.  However, I started some new things.  Actually, I started  a lot of new things but ended up marking most of them as DNFs, as you'll see in the days to come.  Often, it's not that the book is "bad" (which is such a subjective judgement that I reserve it for the truly heinous things I've had the misfortune of reading), but just that it doesn't appeal to me.

Right now, I'm reading the usual, plus:

One Corpse Too Many by Ellis Peters, because nothing cures the blues like medival monks on a mystery mission.  See also: The Name of the Rose, but thankfully Peters uses much less Latin.


Gorgon (Alex Hunter #5) by Greig Beck.  The Alex Hunter books are much better than the Matt ... uh, what's his name?  Kearns!  books in general, mostly because Alex is a more complex character.  Haven't seen any car parks in this one ... yet.


  1. Oh, you're just discovering Brother Cadfael, lucky girl! A delightful series. There are twenty of them, but read them slowly, because the lady passed away a few years ago. There was a TV series based on the books, though not all of them, very good adaptations, with Derek Jscobi in the lead; the author aid that age would always imagine him in the role after that.

    I visited Shrewsbury many years ago, when the Brother Cadfael craze was at its peak, and the church was still there and you could find your way through the city centre using Ellis Peters' description of its streets.

  2. Whoops! "The author said that she would always..."

  3. I always shelved the Brother Cadfael TV series at work and finally, last year, grabbed the first book to read. Murder mysteries are my comfort books, especially if they've got heresy and plague in the mix.


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