Mini-Review: Macbeth #killingit

Macbeth #killingit is not my favorite of the OMG Shakespeare series--that honor remains with srsly Hamlet--but it's still a ridiculously funny and smart take on that play that you probably had to read in high school and don't remember much about.  Hint: it's the one with the witches and you got to say "damned spot" out loud in English class without getting in trouble.

If you haven't seen anything in this series before, it's basically a social media take on Shakespeare's plays.  It's very emoji-heavy.  This one's a bit different from YOLO Juliet and srsly Hamlet in that Carbone incorporates even more social media platforms here, and it's hilarious.  We have the witches pinning things to their Kingterest board (ingredients for spells, obvi), and Lady Macbeth's maid checking her mistress' symptoms on KingMD Symptom Checker.

And Great Birnam Wood checking in to Dunsinane was hilarious.

Again, this is definitely a book for people who've already read the original play.  There's no substitute for Shakespeare, but this is a hilarious and witty supplement.


  1. Sounds wonderful! And my high school Shakespeare was Julius Caesar, Richard III and King Lear, but I did have to teach Macbeth. It's the shortest of the plays, but the language is harder than some of the others and I had to do a lot of explaining to my poor students who hadn't done Shakespeare before. I bet they would have enjoyed this as a reinforcement of the original. ;-)

    1. They are really good at reinforcing the main ideas and especially character motivations.
      I also love the titles :D


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