Life Strikes Back

I think I've been chastised for having cranky book reviews--I haven't had the time to write them because I can't seem to adult properly.  They'll be here, but maybe I can make them a bit less opinionated.

Or not.  I happen to like my opinions.


  1. You reviews are cranky, but you at least give good reasons for them. You don't just say, "I hated this, couldn't get past page 8!" or "There's too much/not enough dialogue" or, one which irritates me, "I wanted to love this, but..." You don't give one star reviews because you have something personal against the author, which is more than can be said for some folk on Amazon and Goodreads. When an author hasn't done their research, you have every right to point this out.

    I don't know who has chastised you, but if it was the author of a book you didn't enjoy, phooey!

    I get so many requests from self published authors who make the mistake of telling me all about their works of genius, letting me know that they haven't done their historical research(such as a horror story involving a haunted music box from the time of the Salem Witch Trials and a villain with that well known Pilgrim name of Natasha) - or, in one weird case, a woman who was a lawyer and should have known better who had written a children's novel about eleven year old qualified lawyers!

    I too could write cranky reviews of these but prefer not to put myself through it. ;-)
    But that's me. You just keep on being your cranky but honest self.

    1. Ha! No one chastised me--I wasn't clear because my brain is messed up. I'm just stressed at work and can't seem to perform basic functions like remember where I am supposed to be at any given time. Hence, I'm a little o_O

      I have had authors critique my critiques, which actually only makes me want to be more critical, because it's my right to do so. Speaking of Amazon, have you seen the vitriol leveled at Chuck Wendig's Aftermath? Basically, the Sad/Rabid P*ppies sent their minions forth to attack the book. It's on my TBR and got good reviews, but these weird internet dudebros think that having gay characters is not Star Wars. Sigh.

      I am laughing so hard at Mistress Natasha the Pilgrim. Oy. I've had some self pubbed people contact me, but not a lot. Knock on wood.

    2. No, I haven't seen that bit about Chuck Wendig. Where is it? I've seen a post that suggested a relationship between Finn and Poe and showed photos, "look, look, they're hugging! And the looks on their faces!" I had thought perhaps Finn might end up,with Rey, whom he seems to admire, but then, she is the Luke Skywalker character (and if he is Rey's father, we've never found out who her mother is) and look how he ended up, an old Obi Wan type hermit on an island! Not that things went that well with Han and Leia and their whiney son.

      That kiss she gave Finn in his unconscious state was sisterly or just that of a friend. She has a Destiny. But as for Finn and Poe, we'll have to wait and see. I rather imagine there will be a LOT of fan fiction on the theme, if it isn't there already. But the Puppies will be the Puppies. Pity, ?i thought they were talking about starting their own awards.

      Glad you enjoyed Natasha. There was also the music box. Even if the Pilgrims allowed such frivolous things, the very first, very basic ones were made at least a century later.


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