What I'm Reading Wednesday

Pip is still glaring at me petulantly, but I've managed to have Jean Valjean rescue Cosette from the Thénardiers!  Les Misérables: the video game.

I'm also reading:

In the Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco.  This is super-fascinating.  Third time's the charm for me reading this!

Doomsday Book by Connie Willis.  So, right now I'm reading a sum total of approximately a million pages.  But this is definitely a page-turner, and it really made me feel better about having a virus in 2015, versus the 1300s.  PLUS it's a set-in-the-future time-travel-to-the-past book, which ticks allll my boxes.

Descender Vol. 1: The Tin Stars by Jeff Lemire.  This is looking up: Jeff Lemire as Jeff Lemire should write.  Also: robots!


  1. nnie Willis! This is one of a series of books set in the same universe, with the university time travel project. There are serious ones and funny ones(To Say Nothing Of The Dog is hilarious!). And yes, this one is great. Enjoy!

  2. Er, I had to copy, refresh and paste, something must have cut out. My first sentence was "Oh, I love Connie Willi!"

  3. To Say Nothing of the Dog just leapt up my list! I power-read Doomsday Book. And then I had wonderful nightmares about the bubonic plague :D


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