What I'm Reading Wednesday

Since I've been morosely moving through life lately, it's been easier to add new books than to commit to reading ones I was in the process of reading.  So, I'm still bouncing between A Darker Shade of Magic (although I hope to finish it today!), Great Expectations, The Name of the Rose, and Les Mis.

I've added:

The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman.  Let us rejoice!  Alison Goodman has a new series out and yea, I feel it shall be mightily goode!

Wild Swans by Jessica Spotswood.  I've not read any of her books before, but this sounds intriguing.

Looking back, I guess I have a tragic/cursed mother theme going on.  Oh well!


  1. Goodness, a new Alison Goodman book and I hadn't heard, despite living in the same town! Must check it out. I saw her at a book launch for something else last year and she didn't mention it.

    1. Evidently all of my favorite authors live in Australia!

      I'm thinking there were some publishing issues with this series--as I recall, it was supposed to come out last year, if not the year before, and the name has changed several times. I am completely charmed by it so far, though. It's like Pride and Prejudice with evil magic.

    2. Oh, yes, there are a lot of great Aussie writers out there(smug smirk mode). And I keep running into them at the beginning of their careers. I was getting off the train one day when a lady stopped me to admire my Aussiecon t shirt, she told me she had her first YA novel coming out the next year, in the U.S. Her name was Amie Kaufmann. Alison I met when we were both in the committee for Aussiecon 3 and we used to save a back seat in a car heading for meetings. She had just written her first book, a YA called Singing The Dogstar Blues(recommended if you haven't read it). She was keen to do her first school visit, so she came and spoke to my student book club.

      We have a small writing community here, small population, do we tend to run into each other at SF conventions and library conferences.

    3. Oh my gossshhhhh so jealous! I put Singing the Dogstar Blues on hold as soon as I read your comment.


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