What I'm Reading Wednesday

I'm traveling right now, so my big books (which I like, and I cannot lie) had to stay at home.  So, I've tossed some e-books into the mix!

At home, waiting for me, are Les Misérables, Cress, and A Darker Shade of Magic.  Here with me are:

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.  I'm such a fan of Dickens, but for some reason, I keep avoiding this one.  No matter: I'm now facing it head-on.

ETA: Yikes!  I started this and scheduled it thinking "I'll have PLENTY OF TIME TO FINISH" when I get to my hotel.  Ha.  Ha ha.  I also brought along:

Psycho by Robert Block, SNAFU ed. by Jeremy Robinson, and Lucifer's Hammer by Larry Niven.



  1. Oh, how could you have missed this one? It's the most readable of those Ingave read, though I do agree with my sister that Pip, the hero, is "a little shit". When you've read it, I recommend Peter Carey's Jack Maggs, which tells the story from Magwitch's viewpoint - Carey too seems to dislike Pip.

  2. Sorry, "those I have read." Predictive software - and just then I SAW the word "have" rewritten as "gave"!


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