What I'm Reading Wednesday

I'm trying to read the beginnings of books that have been sitting patiently on my TBR and figure out if I want to go through with the whole thing or not.  It's like first dates, but with books.  Apart from Les Mis, which I've completely neglected since moving on to Tome II.  Sorry!

First up is Beyond the Red by Ava Jae.  I was happily surprised to find this on Netgalley ... or was it Edelweiss?  In any case, this is promising to be a solid YA sci-fi for 2016!

The Aftermath by Jen Alexander.  I've had this on my list for a long time--so long that I didn't even remember what is was about.  It's a GAMING book!  I love gaming books!  W00t!

Hunter by Mercedes Lackey.  To be completely honest, I almost put this one down several times.  It's not going to get a high rating from me, but I hit a point where the action picked up, and I think I can finish it.  The quality of the writing here is so ... pedantic.  I cannot imagine that Lackey actually wrote this.  It makes me want to cry.


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