Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What I'm Reading Wednesday

Do you hear the people sing?  It is the song of Pamela, who finished the first of five books comprising Hugo's Les Misérables.  Ha-HA!

In addition to that, here's what I'm reading:

All Saints' Eve by Amelia B. Edwards.  I'm a sucker for Victorian mysteries and supernatural tales.  This is like comfort food.  Not particularly mind-blowing, but cozy in a creepy sort of way.

MARTians by Blythe Woolston.  I loved Woolston's last novel, Black Helicopters, and I feel like she really doesn't get the recognition she deserve.  This is about our consumerist society, and I plan to consume it with gusto.

The Detour by S.A. Bodeen.  This is Bodeen's fast-paced take on Misery, but with a teen writer who's so full of herself that she probably can't eat.

The Impostor Queen by Sarah Fine.  The worldbuilding in this is top-notch.  I mean, I kiss my fingers and say "Brava!"  I may be dragging this out because I don't want to wait so long for the next one!


  1. I got Le Mis on Gutenberg, must get back into it. So many dramatisations, but such a long book! The Victorian mystery sounds good - any details?

  2. If you've read any late Victorian/Gothic-revival horror, like The Monkey's Paw or Oh Whistle and I'll Come to You My Lad, it's very similar. It's a collection of short stories. You know someone will probably die or be a ghost, but they're fun.