TSU Talks Orbiting Jupiter

I didn't do a full-on blog post for Orbiting Jupiter by Gary Schmidt, because a fellow Teen Services Underground blogger and I had a rumble about it!

Actually, we both agreed!  Not so much of a rumble, but I don't think our opinions fall on the popular end of the spectrum.

Check it out here: Reader Vs. Reader: Orbiting Jupiter


  1. Hi Pam,

    I followed the link, but as I haven't heard of the book and there isn't a blurb, I had no idea what you guys were talking about. Perhaps suggest to the TSU that their next RVR discussion shows the book cover and features a blurb. ;-)

  2. Hi Sue,

    Thanks so much for the input! I'll make sure we do that for our next one--which reminds me, I need to put the title on hold and read it! O_O


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