The possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field (or blogging)

is approximately 3,720 to one!

Never tell me the odds!

But oho!  It is Star Wars: The Force Awakens weekend and I am spending most of it either a) watching the movie at the theater or b) discussing the movie with my friends before c) going to watch the movie again.

I am not reading at all.  I am gloriously, deliriously happy.

Just pretend I've been frozen in carbonite.  I'll be quite well-protected.  If I survive.


  1. Enjoy! I went on Thursday and liked it very much, but so hard to comment without spoilers.

  2. I know! I'm going again tomorrow (3rd time!) *happy dancing*

    1. I have promised to take my young niece, go with my whole family and accompany a friend from work. So I will not go again quite yet. ;-) But glad you enjoyed it too.


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