My Top Ten Favorite Posts of 2015

This is utterly shameless self-promotion, people.  And I am owning it.  I love writing here, but because my memory is like "Wheeee ... wait ... what was I talking about?" I often forget some of the things I've ranted and raved about.  So here are my favorite posts from the past year (don't worry; I'm doing a top ten books as well, but it's going to be REALLY DANG HARD and maybe 20 books).  I'm including the posts that I had the most fun writing and the ones where I just laid myself bare.

10. I Need A Silkwood Shower.  Improbably alien sexytimes and really abusive relationships in a book that lots of people saw as "romantic" and "adventurous."  Eugh.

9.  Sweets for My Sweet.  Think of this book as the teen version of A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again, but with a much higher body count.

8.  "I Feel Stupid ..."  I made my very own infographic for this one, which is the major reason you should read this post if you haven't already.  

7.  Why Can't A Girl Just BE?  One of my favorite rants.  I'll tell you now which book inspired it: Walk on Earth A Stranger.

6.  Spoil Me Baby One More Time!  Did I listen to old-school Brit Brit on repeat after this?  Yes, yes I did.

5.  Gaslighting, Moral Complexity, and the Past Few Days.  In which I muse on some incredibly uninformed comments about YA literature and the intersectionality with the industry's treatment of women and how it's de rigeur to bash YA lit.

4.  Saturn Run: The Review.  Costarring Jesus and Derek Zoolander.  I had so much fun writing this that it was probably criminal.

3.  The Intensely Personal, Private Act of Reading.  More bookish musings on the quantum qualities of the act of reading.

2.  When My Heart Was Wicked Fails in a Tangle of Cultural Appropriation and General Strangeness.  The exceedingly knowledgeable Debbie Reese linked to my review (!!!) from her blog, and I was proud that I had come so far in critical reading and recognizing harmful stereotypes.

1.  I Crawl Through It.  I put so much into this review, but I could only do so because A.S. King's brilliant novel tugged at all of these feelings that I didn't even know I had pushed down inside of myself.


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