More Unpopular Opinions; or Books I DNFd

It is once again time for another installment of Books I DNFd, which really needs a catchier title.  Often, the titles that I end up disliking are ones that are popularly or critically praised, so many readers might be a bit miffed that I didn't finish Book XYZ that they looooooved and want to maaarryyyyyyyy.  Oh well!

The Fall of the House of West by Paul Pope and some other people too.  I enjoyed Battling Boy, was okay with The Rise of Aurora West but this was just like a gigantic snore.  Loud (as in lots of BRAKKA BRAKKA BRAKKA FWOOOM soundgraphs) snoring.  But, like a snore, there's no substance to it but the ruffling of nasal passages transferring air from here to there.  I don't care about Aurora or her mission or ... anything in this world.

The Aftermath by Jen Alexander.  A smashing, twisty, mind-bending beginning gives this gamer story loads of momentum, but it screeches to an abrupt halt about six chapters in because the main character has already figured out the plot of her own story.  The concept is pretty cool: a girl named Claudia Virtue figures out that fighting for her life against cannibals in post-apocalyptic Nashville isn't actually real.  She's somebody's avatar.  But she also has free will, so is she human?  What's up with this game, anyway?

Needless to say, I was disappointed, because The Aftermath was poised to discuss really deep topics, like personhood, and death, and the vaguely A Clockwork Orange-esque reason for the game's existence.  But no.  The main character figures out that she's being played--literally--and then spends the rest of the book running around doing missions with this guy she probably shouldn't trust but he is soooo hot you guys.  Excuse me while I have an eye-rolling session.  Alexander showed her hand way too early in this one to sustain any sort of plot tension.

Actually, I thought I quit a lot more books than this.  Star Wars has played a mind trick on me.  Now, off to review the ones I managed to finish!


  1. "You did not DNF this book...You finished it last week. Repeat, Stormtrooper..." ;-)

    1. I did not DNF this book. I finished it last week. These aren't the droids we're looking for.


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