Mini-Review: The Empire Striketh Back

I've had the boxed set of William Shakespeare's Star Wars for several months now, but have been moved to read books V and VI because of the movie opening this week.

These are quick reads--easier than "regular" Shakespeare if you know the movies, and if you know the movies really well (like "grew up watching them on repeat so you know all the lines" really well, or "saw them in theaters" really well) you might even hear the dialogue in the actors' voices.  Ian Doescher is really talented at fusing Shakespeare and Star Wars, and it's ridiculously fun for a book nerd like me to see famous Shakespearean soliloquies, lines, and ripostes delivered in a galaxy far, far away.

I particularly liked the self-reflective lines from Leia and Lando that flesh out their motivations and internal struggles.  And I didn't realize how many snowspeeder pilots actually died.  I guess having someone call out, "Ah, I die!" alerts you to that fact.

Doescher includes endnotes regarding the use of prose for Boba Fett's lines and trimming down the Chorus' involvement in things, and they're well worth reading.

Also, both the wampa AND the space worm have their own soliloquies.  So helloooo, why aren't you reading this yet???


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