Mini-Review: Velvet Vol. 2

I am tempted to just forgo reviewing this and just scream, "READ VELVET!"

Can I do that?

Oh, fine.  I'll give you some reasons.

1.  Velvet Templeton, lately a secretary for the director of a top-secret international espionage agency, has been framed for the murder of one of their top agents.

2.  She didn't do it.

3.  But she's going to wreak havoc until she finds the person who did ... and pointed the finger at her instead.

4.  Revenge comics are the best comics.

I really wasn't feeling the groove in Velvet until I got to volume 2, so if you didn't particularly adore volume 1, keep reading!  Or just wait for a nice deluxe edition to launch.  So many of the flashbacks and references are explained in the second volume.

After having made a serious mistake in Belgrade, Velvet leads the men of the agency on a merry chase across Europe.  All the while, she's gone back to England to get at the roots of the conspiracy.  Velvet's as lethal at masquerades as she is riding a motorcycle to spring a convict from prison.  She also has a killer glider suit.

Ed Brubaker is my favorite noir comics writer, and he infuses this espionage tale with the right amount of grit.

Most highly recommended.


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