Mini-Review: Rolling in the Deep

Boooook ... gooooooood.

This was one of those tootling-around-on-Goodreads-what-have-we-here books that I reserved at the library.  It's a novella, and a dang good one too.  I'm not sure if I like this one or We Are All Completely Fine (reviewed here!) by Daryl Gregory more, so I'll just love them both.

I can't write too much about this because, as it is already a short book, I'd probably give away the whole thing.  But here are the salient points:

TLC-esque shady TV channel wants to make a "documentary" about mermaids.
Most of it will be faked.
They've hired a mermaid troupe.

Mira Grant/Seanan McGuire does a fantabulous job of capturing each character's essence in just a few brief sentences.  The cast is large, but I wanted to know more about all of them.  But, this is a horror novella, so things are going to get messy.

Bottom line: I loved it so much I forgave Grant for giving me an earworm for weeks.  I am not joking about the time period.


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