What I'm Reading Wednesday

I started this post all peppy and happy and caffeinated, strewing exclamation points across sentence endings with gleeful abandon.

And now.  Here I am.  It is dark before 8 PM.  Soon, the leaves will die and crash to the ground.  Autumn is all about death.  I'm not a pumpkin spice latte kind of girl.  My inner cave creature is returning, and I don't like it.  Humph.

Anyway.  Please read this post in Eeyore's voice, for that is my mood right about now.

Since I managed to finish The Name of the Wind last week, I only have one straggling book, which is Courtney Alameda's Shutter.  I honestly don't know why I haven't finished it yet.  It's excellent and gripping and truly creepy.  But I've been distracted by other things, of course.

The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.  I completely adore her Naturals series (even the romance-y bits, which is whoa-strange for me!), and this is shaping up to be just as adrenaline-filled.

Rocket Raccoon Vol. 2: Storytailer by Skottie Young.  Love Rocket, love Skottie Young.  This is furry, armament-filled goodness.

The Gulag Archipelago, Vol. 1 by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.  Sure, why not pick up a giant part one of a trilogy by a Russian author that's an exposé of Stalinism?


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