We Are All Completely Fine

Short review: If Fox Mulder became a psychotherapist for characters in H.P. Lovecraft stories, you'd have this book.

Actual review: Wait, can I just use the one above?  I like it.  Oh, fine.  I'll have to actually do some verbal flailing because it's SO GOOD.

I'm not a huge urban fantasy reader.  A lot of readers are tagging/shelving this as such, so if you read urban fantasy, you'll probably love this.  Ditto for horror.  Gregory's novella has the perfect balance of, oh, everything, from restraint to terror to action.

The premise sounds like it could veer off into cliche haunted house territory: Dr. Jan Sayer invites a group of patients with unusual past trauma to group therapy sessions at her house.  No, they are not attacked by a serial killer (as such).  No, the house does not come to life and attack them.  Instead, we get uncannily creepy backstories of the characters in treatment.

In this fictional world, whichever one it is, monsters are real.  They're definitely of the Old Ones family--think non-Euclidean geometry and horrors from beyond time and space.  There's a claustrophobic air to this book that is intensified by focusing on only a few characters and not entirely divulging the horrors they have endured.  There are teases, hints, but no full exposure.  And I love that in a spooky book.  Sometimes, horror is something really best left to the imagination.

Despite the book's brevity, each character feels real. You understand their motivations and their quirkiness.  And their danger.

The less you know about this book when you start it, the more fun you'll have.  So go have fun with this.  Because you will.  I want to believe that you will.


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