Throwback Thursday: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century: 1910

This volume of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen spelled the end of the series for me (although I did slog onward into the Nemo books and thoroughly regretted it).  Enjoy!

Um. What did I just read?

I really enjoyed the first two volumes of this series--it was smart, it was literary, it was kinda steampunk-y, and it was clever. I also (heresy ahead!) enjoyed the movie, although it was very different from its inspiration.

Moore turns back in time after the events of The Black Dossier, of which I remember very little, except the new characters and Mina and Allan's transformation. The new league is considerably weaker than the old one, with the new members being from rather obscure literary works (excepting Woolf's Orlando, which I haven't yet read, but intend to). Raffles is the "gentleman thief," and Carnacki is "Carnacki the Ghost-Finder" by W.H. Hodgson. Poor substitutes for Captain Nemo, the Invisible Man, and Dr. Jekyll. 

So. The ostensible premise is that Carnacki foresees the end of the world (groan) and the League must, you know, stop it, as one does. Except they all really stink at their jobs and just manage to muck everything up. Orlando runs around yapping about how he changes sexes all the time and whee all the sexytimes he's had blah blah blah yuck. Allan is a nonentity and Mina is flat. The nemesis seems to be an Aleister Crowley-type figure who seems to be attempting to contact Lovecraftian monsters to bring about the end of the world (the section/story about the black stone refers to Lovecraft). 

Honestly, that's all I got out of it. There's pretty much no plot and Moore seems more (ha ha) interested in piling on the obscure literary references than actually, you know, telling a story. After finishing this one, I knew I wasn't going to read more in the series, so I just read the Wikipedia article. Evidently they all end up fighting an Antichrist who
 "kills Quartermain with magic lightning discharged from his penis."  I'm sorry, what? What what what what? Am I on acid? 

What an ignominious end to a clever idea.


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