This Is (Not) A Book Review

A shout-out to the reference in my title: yes, the second book was just as charming as the first.  Check out You Are (Not) Small and the equally funny That's (Not) Mine by Anna Kang.

I've been gone for just two days but it feels like two weeks.  I suppose that's what lack of sleep does to my brain: temporal distortion.

While I was traveling, I finally finished The Name of the Wind and ... I was underwhelmed.  Writing that review might be awkward simply because I'm unsure of why it's seen as being so fantastic.  Rothfuss' prose is gorgeous, but the characterization was extremely inconsistent and plot points seemed to pop up out of nowhere.

I also finished The Door that Led to Where by Sally Gardner and ... oof.  If you're looking for something on par with her quietly brilliant Maggot Moon, this is not the book.  In fact, I'm unsure as to why this was even published as-is.  It's a fun idea--time-travel--but there's not nearly enough time taken to describe anything.

Although I actually put books aside now (unlike when I was little and felt compelled to finish everything I started), I still have a bit of a complex about finishing a series.  My relatitvely local Half-Price Books had a nice trade paperback of Black Mountain, book 4 in the Arcadian/Alex Hunter series, which I've generally enjoyed.  This one is a bit ... ehhhhh, but I'll definitely finish it.  Mostly because I want to read the next book, Gorgon!

Naturally, this now means that I have even more reviews to write, so I'd better get cracking!


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