Mini-Review: Lumberjanes, Vol. 1: Beware the Kitten Holy

When I find a comic artist/writer/colorist/inker/what-have-you that I really, really admire, I often feel like it's unnecessary for me to write detailed reviews of everything they produce.  Usually I just do the Kermit flail and go "AHHHHH!" and call it a day.

Well, since this is only the second work by Noelle Stevenson that I've read AND it was awesome, it merits at least a mini-review.

Nimona is one of my favorite trades of the year so far, and Lumberjanes pulled up to a close second.  The one thing that wasn't my favorite is that Stevenson didn't illustrate it.  She did some of the variant covers, but not the actual panels.  Grace Ellis and Brooke Allen do a style that's very similar to Stevenson's (and also Kate Leth, who's amazing and also very funny), but it's not quite ... there.  I also had a bit of difficulty distinguishing the two dark-haired girls from each other--one has an undercut and the other is just sort of spiky, but I got them confused a lot.  Oh well!

The girls are a hoot, because they are "hardcore lady-types" who sneak out into the woods in the middle of the night and fight off three-eyed foxes with the Red Riding Hood formation and also find mysterious messages like the titular, "Beware the kitten holy."  It's a little Scooby-Doo mixed with camp mixed with Indiana Jones.  I have a feeling that when the Lumberjanes grow up, they're going to be Rat Queens.  And that is an awesome thing.

I really, really, geekily hope for a Nimona cameo in a forthcoming issue because "I'M A SHAAARK!" is one of the best lines ever and I love Nimona with all my heart except for what's reserved for Mr. Darcy and Morpheus and other literary crushes.

But anyway.  This is a fun comic for tween and teen girls (and also everyone else) who need sassy, positive, feminist role models lady-types.  The girls are diverse in body type, color, and attitude, and I would love to hang with them.  I can't wait for more Lumberjane adventures!


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