Books for Travel

I'm shaking a bit as I type this.  Normally, I'm really fine with traveling.  I get nervous that I'm going to miss my flight (a totally normal symptom of my ability to conjure up disastrous scenarios out of nowhere), but I usually fly out of a smaller airport.

This time, it's a frantic drive to O'Hare, AKA the Armpit Airport of the Universe.  I would rather fly out of anywhere than O'Hare.  I have a good story about O'Hare (by which I mean it reflects exceedingly poorly on the airport) but I have yet to find the best place to insert it into this blog.  Everything is late.  The people are cranky.  They have these weird toilet seat covers that rotate after you sit on them so that your buttocks don't touch the same plastic as the person after you.

ANYWAY.  I'm trying to calm down by picking out my books.  Here's what I'm bringing to read:

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.  I am bound and determined to finish this, although I really can't see myself continuing the series.  More on that in the full book review.

Black Mountain by Greig Beck.  I have some Arcadian books sitting around, begging to be read, but they come after Black Mountain in the series, and I am dead serious about reading series in order.

On my Kindle, I have:

Hunter by Mercedes Lackey.  Ooooooooo Mercedes Lackey!  That's all I have to say right now!

The Door that Led to Where by Sally Gardner.  I love Sally Gardner's writing, and how it's a new iteration with each new book.

And I'll be back Thursday or Friday-ish with more reviews!


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