What I'm Reading Wednesday

The further I got into These Shallow Graves, the worse I felt.  I finally checked on my suspicions, and, indeed, a lot of people had the same questions I did.  I left it unfinished, and I may revisit that choice in a blog post.  I am, however, still enjoying The Name of the Wind, although the "O GLORIOUS WOMAN" bit that we've gotten to now is only slightly (ha) over-the-top.

For new books, I only have two.

Room 1219 by Greg Meritt.  Actually, the subtitle is about as long as my arm, but that's beside the point.  It's the story of Roscoe Arbuckle and Virginia Rappe, the death of the latter causing Hollywood to blackball the leading comedic actor of the day.  

Phoenix Island by John Dixon.  There's all this hype blah blah blah about how this book was the inspiration for a TV show called Intelligence, but since I don't have a television, I don't particularly care.  I get my BBC fix from Netflix and call it a month.  I'm too busy reading otherwise!  I have to be upfront here: I'm not sure if I'll finish this one, and if I do, I don't think I will give it a high rating, unlike almost every other person on Goodreads.  We shall see.


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