Lost (Shipwreck Island, #2)

This is a really excellent series for kids who want adventure in high doses but with a lower page count, and S.A. Bodeen totally pulls it off.  While I was a bit iffy about some of the family dynamics in the first book, I totally get it now.  I was so hyperfocused on a girl who wouldn't eat enchiladas made by her new stepmom that I didn't look at the big picture.

I'm really lucky.  Both of my parents are alive, and they're together, and I love them very much.  But I've had time to reflect on the family situation in this book, and it's totally what would happen in a newly-blended family.  So, consider that part of my wiffle-waffliness on the first book stricken from the record.  On to Lost!

So, in the first book, Shipwreck Island, the Robinson family's little squabbles on their honeymoon/vacation cruise near Fiji suddenly seem a little silly when their charter boat's captain dies after a storm that wrecks the boat and leaves them stranded on a strange island.  And I don't just mean  strange as in "whoa, we are now stuck on a desert island," but more like, "HOLY COW the sun just did something really weird and there are kangaroos with claws and giant coconut crabs that want to eat you!" strange.

In Lost, the family has rescued a mysterious girl from the surf, and before the tide washed it away, the oldest girl, Sarah, noticed a message scrawled into the sand: "Beware the co..."  What does it mean?  Who is this girl?  And how did she get here?

Her name is Cash, and she's from Louisiana.  She was spending the summer with her grandpa, who retired to a boat in Fiji, when a routine tour (was it a three-hour tour???) went terribly wrong.  Their passengers disappeared, and Cash ended up in a cell on the island.  

Whoa whoa whoa.  That is some wild stuff right there.  And because of the strange animals they've seen and the very strange weather, Sarah and her stepbrother Marco are more inclined to believe her than their parents or Nacho, Marco's younger brother.  

There's a lot more exploration of the island in this installment, with a literal cliffhanger (but it's in the middle of the book) and a literal land shark and mysterious mountains.  The ending was really mind-blowing and I can't wait to see where Bodeen takes this next.  I mean, I really can't wait.  Does anyone  have an ARC of the next book?  Pretty please?

Note: this is the perfect book for a reluctant reader--boy or girl (I don't do the book-gender thing).  It's got action and thrills, but it's even shorter than a 39 Clues book and with less evil plotting by mysterious figures.  

Two thumbs up!


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