Loki, Agent of Asgard: Trust Me

The bewilderment of many male reviewers is so adorable (really!).  For once, I'm not being sarcastic. They are genuinely confused as to why Loki, as played by Tom Hiddleston, is hot.  I can't explain the boom-boom my heart does every time I see that smirky visage, but I can't help it.  He is basically a meaner Norse version of Morpheus from The Sandman, and Dream was my first comics crush.  As I said to Ted Brandt on Twitter the other day, "I like them tall, dark, devious, dangerous, and immortal."  Switch "tall" to "small" and you've got Loki.

As a trickster god, Loki has this odd joie de vivre that Morpheus never did.  He's hilarious and delightful, even when he's scheming to do bad things.  It's the nature of the trickster--show one face to hide the wicked one.

In Loki, Agent of Asgard, we pick up where Kieron Gillen's glorious run on Young Avengers left off: Kid Loki has been hastily aged into a smashing young man, and I guess all the girls call him a "Harry Styles-lookalike."  I am not into Harry Styles at all, because he looks like he slept in a dumpster, but Loki is definitely better looking than Harry Styles.

In the new incarnation of ... himself, Loki is redeeming himself for past sins by running missions for the All-Mother (three Norse goddesses doing the trinity thing).  The All-Mother wants wayward Asgardians brought back home.  So Loki ends up meeting his one-time paramour Lorelei, as well as Sigurd of Lots of Legends.  On his "side," we've got Thor (kind of?), Verity Willis, who's mortal but can detect lies of any kind--even those told by a god, and other people with, shall we say, shifting allegiances.

Al Ewing has managed to keep the flip, snarky Loki from Gillen's Young Avengers and flesh out the character as he meets his past, not-so-ridiculously-good-looking self.  The dialogue is snappy and made me laugh out loud several times.  Example time!

Thor: "You did create a most terrible slash upon their internet."

Loki: "I hacked the internet, Thor.  It's different.  Although I have done the other thing, too."


We've also got Sigurd and Loki trading The Princess Bride fighting jabs during a sword fight and a sweet, sweet reference to The Twilight Zone.  This is pushing all my nerd buttons.  Yeppers.

I admit that I'm mildly confused as to what Loki did what when and where, but I suppose that's kind of the point.  I also liked that the authors gave some footnotes for us newbies on where to find info on the why and when of certain events.  This is also a nice advertising scheme.

Bottom line: hilarious and hot.  Trust me: read this.


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