What I'm Reading Wednesday

I am halfway through The Name of the Wind!  Huzzah!  It's so good.

In other books ...

Thunderstruck & Other Stories by Elizabeth McCracken.  I keep this by my bed and read a story before I go to sleep.  The one I read last night was about librarians, and had so many stereotypes that it will probably be discussed at length in my full review.

Alive by Scott Sigler.  I love, love, love the Infected books by Sigler, and I was so excited to hear he had a book coming out that was a bit more geared toward teens.  I've only just started it, but it's really good.  I hope it gets gory soon.  Is that a creepy thing to say?

These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly.  The cover doesn't suit the book at all, but I am intrigued.  I love it when Gilded Age women rebel.  And dig up corpses.


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