What I'm Reading Wednesday

I spilled coffee on my copy of Last Call.  Librarians, too, have coffee issues with library books.  Librarians pay for library books.  We are not immune to gravity or the pull of caffeine and the disastrous results of said marriage.  Thankfully, I dried it fast enough to inhibit mold growth, so now I have a lovely book-shaped potpourri of Dunkin' Donuts Chocolate Donut coffee scent.  It is an extremely good book; although for a detailed look at the actual liquor of Prohibition, I highly recommend Deborah Blum's The Poisoner's Handbook.

National Book Award Finalist Thunderstruck by Elizabeth McCracken found its way into my hands. Generally, I enjoy my modern fiction in snippets rather than tomes, so a book of short stories by a modern author assuages my anxiety about weird prose or general Franzen-ness.  I really enjoyed the first few stories I read, although I'm struggling to figure out McCracken's German pronunciation of Pamela (my name, obviously), as rhyming with "Camilla."

Also still working on Saturn Run and The Name of the Wind.


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