What I'm Reading Wednesday

Holy bagumba, it's Wednesday already?  I haven't had a chance to rectify my non-reading-reading of The Name of the Wind yet!  Eep.

So, I'm still moving along with that one.  Honestly, I think what makes it so easy to pick up again and again is the episodic nature of Kvothe's stories.  I can read about one period in his life and then binge-read four other books.  However, I'm feeling a bit nervous that if I don't finish this soon, Pat Rothfuss' beard (which is so magnificent I'm sure it's sentient) is going to feel quite put out.

Last Call by Daniel Okrent, a nonfiction tome about Prohibition, is zipping by quite nicely.  Okrent doesn't have the narrative skill of Erik Larson (but then again, in NF, who does?), but the topic matter boosts the book up when it gets a bit saggy and laggy.

I've hurled myself full-force back into Zebulon Finch by Dan Kraus.  After a brief period of melancholia brought on by the sheer size of the thing, I've gotten over the hump and, oddly enough, into Prohibition with Mr. Finch.

Finally, I just started Saturn Run by John Sandford and Ctein.  I've never read anything by Sandford, but this is already immensely enjoyable.  I don't think this is going to be hard sci-fi, but definitely movie-esque.


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