What I'm Reading Wednesday

It's now July!  I can end my moratorium on just reading what's at home!  However, I really enjoyed doing that challenge and it really helped clear off my bookshelves (virtual and physical).  Unfortunately, I have a backlog of reviews!

But has that stopped me from reading even more books in the past?  NO!  Here's today's titles:

The Truth about Twinkie Pie by Kat Yeh:  My friend Angie over at Fat Girl Reading was lovin' on this at ALA Midwinter, so of course I picked it up.  These characters are quirky but not overly so, and I can't wait to get into the meat ... er, whipped filling of the story!

Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson:  I admit that this was the story that prompted my ranty post about love in YA books.  However, this is beautifully written and I found myself zipping through chapters in what seemed like no time.  I'm actually really excited to finish this!

Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty:  This has been pretty hyped, and I'm over halfway through and I feel no hype.  Not even a twinge or a zing.  We'll see how it ends.

Plus Zebulon Finch and The Name of the Wind.  Sometimes I read a chapter of the latter before bed.  I'll only finish it in about two years.  What I need is a good, long plane ride.  I tend to power through fantasy epics when trapped in a metal tube stuffed with humanity that's hurtling miles above the earth at 500mph.


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