Suicide Squad Vol. 3: Death Is for Suckers

This was marginally better than volume two, but only because it wasn't blatantly insulting to my intelligence.  It was more of a constant, low-level buzz of boring.

There is a tie-in to the Death of the Family ARC/event in the Gothamverse, but none of the Joker's or Harley's dialogue felt authentic to me.  The Joker wasn't wild enough and Harley was just so boring.  And I didn't even remember that Harley and Deadshot hooked up (they did?  Must have been early on...) but the Joker did, so.

Anyhoodles, Amanda Waller seems to have some sort of resurrection/regeneration potion that she keeps injecting into our hapless antiheroes, probably related to that hand that they cut off the Resurrectionist in the last volume.  This still doesn't fully explain to me how Yo-Yo, who is basically a more boring version of Mr. Fantastic or Plastic Man, survived in King Shark's gut for six issues.  Ew.

The second half of the volume is pretty Yo-Yo-centric and pulls in all the Asian stereotypes and dumps them on the reader in a stinking heap of cultural insensitivity.  Somehow, Yo-Yo's sister is the head of a Triad gang, and she is a total Dragon Lady stereotype, and all of her minions look the same, and they are all ninjas.  I don't even know what the point of this was but to give Yo-Yo a slightly more heroic bent.

I seriously don't remember much of this because I was just. So.  Bored.  So bored.  And yet, I see that the creative team changes in volume 4 ... so ... let's see.



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