srsly Hamlet

OMG Shakespeare in txts!

A good half of the writerly/readerly/teacherly population is heading en masse to leap off a cliff in despair because of this book.   Maybe three-quarters.  I'm not sure.  But I like quirky books, and I love books that make titles that seem stodgy and old and boring into something that's interesting and fun and would appeal to teens who might not normally read books. This is the ultimate reluctant reader book.

It is also hysterically funny.  If you're a fan of Book Riot's emoji summaries, then this is your jam.  Can I say that?  I'm totally dating myself as having grown up in the 90s.  Which, according to current fashion trends, makes me cool again.  I think.

I definitely wouldn't recommend this to someone looking to get out of reading the play because "Shakespeare is lame/stupid/old/boring/hard to understand/insert-complaint-here."  Pull up your britches and go read the play (preferably the Folger Shakespeare Library edition because those are my favorites and have really nice, but not intrusive, notes).  Then go read OMG Shakespeare.

Shakespearean criticism is not at a loss for contributors, but I would like to put in my measly two cents.  Besides the amazing language play, invention of extremely useful words, and brilliant insults, Shakespeare writes about being human and being stupid, which go hand in hand.  The situations in his plays are pretty universal when you back away from the immediate context.  I mean, no, I've never been Prince of Denmark and had my uncle marry my mom, but tons of people struggle with blended families and resentment all the time!

Anyway, the social media, texting, and liberal emoji usage in srsly Hamlet is spot-on and actually hits the main points of the story really well.  I adored the check-ins and the presence of "Angry Mob" on Denmark's version of Facebook.

A quick, witty read that I highly recommend!


  1. I always like seeing new riffs on Shakespeare. This sounds like a great novelty gift for an iphone loving English majors out there!

  2. It is super fun. I have YOLO Juliet at home right now and I srsly can't wait for more!

    The author also includes a glossary of emojis and text-talk, so it doesn't leave people totally in the lurch.


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