Today, along with many other bloggers, authors, librarians, and booklovers, I'm celebrating the #QuietYA.  None of those flashy marketing campaigns or fangirls.  The books that might slip under the radar.  Well, I'm turning the spotlight on these books full blast so that teens can find them.  After all, what's the fun in reading what everyone else is reading?  Find a hidden gem in these quiet books.

Dark Metropolis by Jaclyn Dolamore has everything a history geek and a film geek could geek: Weimar Berlin, magic, references to Fritz Lang's Metropolis, LGBTQ characters, and a love story that is soft and real instead of over-the-top dramatic.  I loved playing spot-the-Easter-egg with all the film references, and if you haven't read anything about Weimar Berlin, this will definitely inspire you.  The companion, Glittering Shadows, came out in June and I am getting tired of waiting for it at the library--I may just buy it!

Cuckoo Song by Francis Hardinge combines beautiful language with a hugely dysfunctional family and an identity crisis unlike one you've ever experienced (I hope!).

Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner features a protagonist with dyslexia, quietly unsettling illustrations, and a thoroughly disturbing vision of Great Britain had Nazi Germany won WWII and spread fascism throughout Europe.

Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder.  Raise your hand if you loved Poison Study!  Uh-huh, I guessed as much.  Okay, put them down.  If you didn't raise your hand, go read Poison Study!  Anyway, Snyder goes in a different direction here with this deep-space dystopia.  It's definitely not as well-known as her Yelena books, but it's super-intense with a really strong female lead and a romance that didn't make me want to run away.  Outside In, the sequel, is equally strong.

 A Death-Struck Year by Makiia Lucier is a great intro to the Spanish Flu pandemic for teens.  Lucier's pacing is excellent, and her heroine, Cleo, is brave and spunky, but still feels like she fits in her time period.  Bonus: the author is a librarian!

What are your favorite Quiet YA picks?


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