Quick Review: Suicide Squad: Kicked in the Teeth (New 52)

This is my first Suicide Squad experience.  It was ... interesting.

I was a bit taken aback by the rapidity with which Squad members are dispatched ... then again, it is billed as a suicide mission every time they go out, so.  There's that.

The actual missions that the supervillains go on aren't really that compelling, but the group dynamics can be pretty fun.

Also, we really didn't need the full backstory for Harley yet again.  The authors are bringing in all of these other random baddies--it would have been nice to know their stories.  But no.  We get H.Q. redux number five bajillion.

Let's face it, I only read this for Harley Quinn.  For some reason King Shark seems really familiar, but I can't place where I first saw/read him.  I felt like going all Nimona and yelling "I'm a SHAAAARK!" but King Shark mostly just eats people.  I don't really know who Deadshot is (I haven't read every single comic ever, thanks), and I couldn't connect to him as either a villain or a hero-figure.

I'll continue with the series just to see where it goes.


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