Mini-Review: Stranded

I've been trying not to give a star rating to DNF-d books.  The writing here in Stranded (COULD SOMEONE PLEASE FIND A MORE UNIQUE NAME? THANKS!) isn't bad, but after the initial disaster, the plot gets extremely repetitive.  I also had a hard time telling some of the characters apart just by name, and they seemed to fit neatly into stereotypes: the dangerous boy, the POC girl, the tragic girl, and the hot nerd.
Does anyone know what that is in the foreground?

My other quibble is probably silly, but the author, who was originally from Wisconsin (yeah!) and moved to the Twin Cities (why not?) didn't make me go, "OH YEAH!  That's what it's like over here in the Great Lakes!"  The trek leader offers to make hamburgers "Sconnie style" by adding cheese.  Um.  That would be ... a cheeseburger.  I've never been somewhere where that's called "Sconnie style," but I can see it maybe being a thing in Madison.

See, here's the deal: there's Madison, and then there's Wisconsin.  I'm from SE Wisconsin--practically in Chicago, so maybe that's why I had literally never even heard the word "Sconnie" until last year, when my friend from Madison said it.  I thought it was a Wisconsin pronunciation of "scones" or something.  I never say "Sconnie."  I say "Cheesehead."  And it's not like the idea of putting cheese on a burger comes from Wisconsin.  I know I'm being super picky here, but it just was like a burr that got on my clothing and was rubbing me the wrong way.

The other odd scene was when everyone was saying where they were from, and one character was embarrassed that she came from Wisconsin when everyone else came from Minnesota.  As a Wisconsinite, I feel pretty much nothing one way or the other about Minnesota.  They make shoes and I dislike the Vikings, but definitely not as much as I dislike the Bears.  The Vikings are wusses because they play indoors.  Wusses.  We don't want the cold, cold air to chap your delicate hands, now do we?  But I didn't think there was *a thing* about being "better" if you come from Minnesota versus Wisconsin.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Finally, I thought that this was going to have a wickedly awesome sci-fi twist.  During the first catastrophe our intrepid campers encounter, the sky is described as looking very strange and the fire as not being like anything they'd ever seen.  I started bouncing up and down going "Aliens!" but no.  It was just a fire.  Whomp-whomp.

For die-hard fans of Hatchet; otherwise I'd skip it.

I received an ARC of this title from Edelweiss.


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