Quick Review: Prophet, Vol. 1: Remission

The publisher should have included a little tab of LSD (or your psychotropic hallucinogen of choice) with the trade paperback of this title, because I seriously, truly, and earnestly believe that the only way to understand what is going on in this comic is to have your brain fried, sunnyside-up.

On a super-duper-far-future-post-apocalyptic (how's that for hyphenation???) Earth, John Prophet awakens from stasis.  He has his tools to help him make his way across the blasted landscape of this alien Earth, where most creatures have four mouths or eight eyes or are just generally unpleasant.  Prophet eats a lot of raw meat, takes refuge in a city made of alien JELL-O, where he meets his first contact, an alien who he pays for intel with ... reproduction.  This scared me immensely until I realized that the Cthulhu-esque creature wasn't going to actually get it on with Prophet, but just handily remove some organ that is needed for their race to continue.

Wait a second.  If you're an alien ... how did your race survive if you needed an organ from an entirely different species on an entirely different planet?  Unless Prophet was carrying an alien organ?

See what I mean?

So he trek trek trek trek treks across the world and then his arm falls off but no big, he climbs up this big tower anyway and lassos a satellite.  Inside, he awakens the Earth fleet ... of John Prophets.

Prophet is a rather stoic fellow with the jawline of a Neanderthal and now the universe is FULL of him (them?)!  They all have to go on their own little quests, like floating through a contaminated space station, or hanging out with ship "Mothers" who look like wee little creepy ghosts.

There is just so much ... stuff ... in here that I don't know how people follow what's going on.  Why are all the live humans only men and the creepy ship people lady-ish?  Why do they eat each other a lot?  Why did the Earth Empire fall in the first place, and who set up these clues for the original Prophet template to follow?  Why can the robots regenerate?

The art is suitably chaotic and gritty.

I was so relieved when this was over.  Reading over some other reviews informed me that Liefeld originally created this, which would explain the lack of coherency, if the current authors are following his original vision.  I mean, if a person thinks that the human spine can torque around 300 degrees AND support breasts that are at least a Z cup, then yeah, I kind of get it.  But not really.


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