Quick Review: Lazarus, Vol. 2

I read the original trade of Lazarus snuggled behind a bookshelf in my local Barnes and Noble.  The library didn't own it, and at that point, things were a bit more ... basic, shall we say, in the GN department.  While curled up, trying to look innocent, I devoured the first volume of this comic, and I wasn't quite sure why it was getting low ratings.  True, it wasn't the most original concept on the block, but it was engaging and the family drama was Serious.  I mean like Dynasty or Days of Our Lives level DRAMA.  I found that engrossing.

Now, almost a year (!) later, we've finally started buying the trades in the Lazarus series at my library, so I settled down to read Vol. 2: Lift last night.  I really enjoyed how the scope of the series expanded massively to show us what it's like if you're not one of the privileged Families, but rather the dirt they deign to acknowledge even exists.

In Lift, we're following two separate storylines that eventually converge quite nicely: Ever's job of protecting the family and hunting down her traitorous brother, and a few families' attempts to lift themselves out of squalor and work for one of the big families.  In order to do this, they have to traverse miles of unprotected terrain.

I particularly enjoyed the flashbacks of Ever speaking with her teacher--we see more of her humanity here, and it's a powerful contrast to the killing machine she is expected to be all the time.

If you're looking for something super-deep or super-out there, Lazarus is not your best bet.  But for me, it's like a favorite pair of jeans or kicks--I know I'll feel better after I read it.


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