October Faction Vol. 1

I'd not heard of this comic before, and given my as of late dismal experience with the majority of comics I've been picking up, I didn't really have high hopes.

Color me pleasantly surprised.

Too often, *spooky* comics take themselves super-seriously and it just falls flat.  A few writers can pull it off--check out Scott Snyder's American Vampire series, for instance.  Oooh.  Yum.

October Faction reminded me a bit of The Addams Family meets Courtney Crumrin.  Good ol' dad Fredrick Allan is a monster hunter, but he's retired to teach courses at the local university.  As most dads do, he wants to protect his kids and keep them out of harm's way, so he forbids his son, Geoff, and daughter Vivian to follow in his arcane footsteps.  Now, we all know what happens when you tell someone not to do something.  You create a magic binding circle in your room and stuff the summoned creature in the closet.  Obviously.

Unfortunately, Fredrick is not impressed wtih Geoff's tinkering.  PLUS he totally ruined the floor.  Mom's gonna blow her top.  Wait a second ... where's mom?  Fredrick thinks that his wife (and partner in supernatural cleanup work) Deloris is having an affair with another ex-monster hunter, but as it turns out, things are much less Real Housewives and much more X-Files than the family originally thought.

Suddenly, Fredrick and family are embroiled in assault, murder, secret gravedigging (builds character!), monsters released from stasis, daddy issues, crosses, double-crosses, and werewolves.  There's a particularly funny scene where Fredrick, Geoff, Viv, and their housekeeper Saunders try to get a dead body into their car.  You'd think these guys would be good at it.  Think again.

The ending of this volume was totally unexpected and made me giggle again.  Egads, giggling at a dark horror comic?  You betcha, especially when the black comedy is just spot-on.

Plus, there's the artwork by Damien Worm (what a name!).  It's gorgeous: spiky and moody and dangerous.  The color palettes are inspired and perfectly suit the panels they illuminate.  Can you tell I'm digging this?

Highly recommended for some horror with a humorous twist (and Gothic art galore!).

I received a copy of this title from Netgalley.


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