Monday Blues

I don't even have to work a full day today, but ugh, Monday.

This weekend I was mostly up visiting family in the hospital, so not much got done.  Then I stress-cleaned my apartment for about four hours.  Again, no reading.

I did skim through some of my ARCs to see what I should go for and what I should give to my teens at the library.  Everything looks much more manageable now!  Well, except for the e-ARCs.  Yeesh.  It's really overwhelming at times, and you really have to wade through some "eh" books to find the "AHHHHH!" books.  I've found massive, Koh-I-Noor-level gems of awesomeness in my ARCs, though, the latest being The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow.  You'll hear a variation on that approximately every other day until September.  Just pre-order it and I'll hush up.  I believe Erin will also be at BEA with ARCs of The Scorpion Rules, so snap it up!


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