Mini-Review: State of Grace

This was pitched as a utopia with a twist (not a dystopia with a twist).  And really, the setting is idyllic.  Summery all the time, eating delicious foods to your fill, jumping into azure waters ... it's like every Carribbean vacation commercial you've ever seen brought to life.  The mythology also intriguied me initially: all of the teens in this paradise worship Dot.  There are the Books of Dot, which regulate their lives.  However, this got hold for me really fast.  Normally, I enjoy books that gently poke and probe longstanding philosophical frameworks; however, the whole Dottiverse was saccharine and twee and simply trying too hard.

There's also the fact that pretty much all the main character, Wren, thinks about is "hooking up" and how she wants to hook up with this one guy (whose name is Blaze.  What in the name of Cthulhu?) because he's OMG SO HOT but he just broods and she's all "Hey cutie pie!  Why dontcha come play with me naked, huh?  Dot made my body so hot it's like on fire!  Tee-hee!"  Again, I understand the mockery of the vapiditiy of some of today's youth, but reading an entire book like this?  Sorry, I'm going to go jump off a cliff, and I don't think there will be a lovely azure pool to catch my decidedly not Dot-perfect body.  And it's not slut shaming, I promise you that.  It's the incessant inner monologue of the main character who's hyper fixated on TOTES HAVING FUN, some of which happens to include sex.  That's all.

But I made it through fourteen pages of Wren saying that Blaze's voice "made me all gooey" and "He's the kind of guy I like the absolute most."  I understand it's part of her character, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

I received an ARC of the US edition of this title from Netgalley. 


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