I wish I could like every book I request, but...

... that simply isn't the case.  In fact, it can't be the case.  I don't want to like everything.  That would be exceedingly boring.

On the flip side, I understand that an author wants people to love her book.  Anybody and everybody, yes, please, and thank you.  And they know that not everyone will.  But as we've seen, particularly in the last few months, there can be serious clashes between author and reader.  Things get dirty on social media pretty quickly.

In case you haven't noticed (ha!), I do have quite a few negative reviews on here.  However, I try very, very hard to keep my criticism focused on the book and not on the person.  After all, I don't know the author.  Even my joshing of Rob Liefeld is more about his artwork featuring women with extra vertebrae and waists smaller than their necks.  That's the work, not the person.  I wouldn't know Liefeld from Adam if I met him on the street.  This may also be due to my inability to match names to people.  Instead I match book covers to book titles.  I'm really good at that.

TANGENT ALERT!  Sorry about that.

Anyway, I recently requested a lot of ARCs that genuininely interested me after perusing the synopsis, but after a few chapters--or even a few pages--I realized they weren't for me.  It's not as if I haven't been reading; I've been reading quite a lot.  It's finishing that gets to be tricky.

I have some reviews coming up that were originally in this post, but then they grew, and they grew, and they grew, and they became their own little entities, so check out what's coming up.  It'll be a slew of DNFs.  And not malicious DNFs.  Just a sort of weary DNF.

There were probably more that I gave the side-eye and simply didn't finish, but my mind is on the fritz.  The weather changed by forty degrees F, and not for the better, I assure you.  Think nor'easter in May.


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