Depression, Awareness, and Literature

In case you missed it, head on over to Disability in Kidlit to read Kelly Jensen's moving, raw post about depression.

Kelly's post is amazing, because it hit me right in the gut, which was the intention.  I have depression.  Sometimes I feel ashamed of that, but most of the time, I fight it with vigor.  Right now, though, my strength meter is dwindling, like in a video game where the health bar goes down, down, down, and you need a power-up stat.  This doesn't just affect parts of my life, it affects all of it, including reading and blogging.  I see things differently when I'm in a depressive episode than when I'm not.  The books I want to read aren't dark, because then I'm drawn into a deep chasm that suffocates my soul.  Right now, I've got MIND MGMT next to me on the bed, because a) I love the series and b) it's totally due tomorrow, no renewals, no do-overs, nada.

So, instead, you can read Kelly post, and I reblogged it on Tumblr here and added some of my own thoughts.  The top part is an excerpt from the original post, which you should have been able to realize anyway because the writing is far better than mine, and the bottom is my reblog.  Follow me on Tumblr, by the way.  I don't post there too often but I do put up lots of nerdy stuff about cons and crafting and fandoms and so forth.

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